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Addressing Your Child Custody Concerns In Arizona

Divorcing parents face special challenges every day, from availability for visitation to stable custody schedules and regular contributions of financial support. Just when another problem seems solved, another two or three pop up.

If you are a divorcing spouse or single parent with concerns about your child’s upbringing during a brave new time in your life, you can count on me to relate to your worries and help you pursue positive resolutions. I am A. Thomas Smith, an experienced divorce lawyer serving clients in Yavapai, Pinal and Maricopa counties. I work hard to make a positive difference in the lives of adults and children alike.

Emphasizing ‘The Best Interests Of The Child’

As your divorce and family law attorney, I make sure you have the facts you need about child access elements that include:

  • Differences between legal, physical, shared and joint custody
  • The importance of stable custody and visitation routines for your children
  • Shared schedules for parenting time availability
  • Ensuring that both parents continue to have prominent roles in a child’s upbringing
  • The dangers of parental alienation (speaking ill of or turning a child against the other parent)
  • Decision-making for a child’s education, recreation and faith foundation

You want the best for your child. I want the best for both of you. My level of representation is proof of it. I urge you to bring your child custody concerns to an attorney who cares – and who seeks results you can be proud of.

Contact Me To Learn More About My Client Focus And Personalized Service

Arranging an appointment to meet with me couldn’t be easier. Just call 480-504-1474 or email my law firm to set a time. My dedication to close, responsive personal service begins with your initial consultation. I look forward to the opportunity to pursue your goals in any way I can.